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Document Understanding

Hybrid neuro-symbolic text analysis, combining distributed symbolic representations and deep learning methods lead to a probabilistic symbolic understanding of documents. Our document understanding technology is based on fast evolving open-source tools and client-specific curated datasets.

Digital Transformation

Modern large businesses and organizations are run on documents that define business processes, corporate policies, products and services, and compliance requirements. While most of these documents are processed manually by dedicated staff, they allow for automation with our solutions and services.


Large businesses must comply with complex, changing requirements for their operation. Our resources include regulatory frameworks for telecommunications, energy, finance, technology, and intellectual property, and are updated regularly as changes to relevant laws or regulations emerge.

About Andinum

We design and develop digital transformation solutions for businesses seeking to optimize business processes for customer service, business operations, and compliance. Our solutions involve artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing technology (AI/ML/NLP).

Meet our team

Andinum’s core team consists of seasoned technologists and business executives, and top software developers, strategists and business consultants.
Nelson Correa, Ph.D.

Nelson Correa, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO

Entrepreneur and computational linguist with thirty years of experience in artificial intelligence, machine learning, NLP and software development.

Antonio Correa

Antonio Correa

Vice President, Business Development

Sales executive with extensive business development and global account management experience in the telecommunications sector.

Wlodek Zadrozny, Ph.D.


Artificial intelligence and NLP researcher with deep industry experience and key contributions in natural language understanding and applications in business.

Ruby von Rails

Ruby von Rails

Lead Developer

Full stack machine learning engineer.


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