Andinum typically works with large clients that have well-established business processes and complex operating procedures, policies and compliance requirements. 

Andinum client engagements

We consult with clients to identify areas of the business where artificial intelligence, deep learning document understanding and machine learning can be used to streamline and automate business processes, and develop custom solutions upon agreed requirements.

Crucially, compliance business processes often require significant manual labor and human judgement, leading to time required to perform the tasks, cost, staff training and potential for different outcomes (due to bias and noise in the system), depending on the systems and personnel performing the tasks. Changing business environment and requirements, such as the introduction of new products or services, changing markets and competition, and changing regulatory requirements lead to a continuous need to update the operation of the business.

Andinum engages with clients in Contract consulting and Custom solution development. For additional information, please contact us at

Example applications

Text classification


Customer contact communications analytics: emails, call centers, chat, and social media using supervised and unsupervised machine learning. 

Document automation


Customer communication and document automation with text classification, similarity matching, question-answering, document summarization, and chatbot services.

Information extraction


Extraction of named entities such as persons, organizations, things, places, dates, regulations and events into structured representations and knowledge graphs.

Regulatory compliance

Tools for regulatory compliance in telecommunications, energy, finance and intellectual property, aligning business products, services, and policies to regulation in designated geographies.

Andinum uses open-source software and curated datasets from a variety of domains for development of its document understanding technology. See our Resources page.

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