10/18/2021, New York –

Andinum Technologies, based in New York City and West Palm Beach, Florida, announced today the launch of consulting services in digital business transformation, with a focus on regulatory compliance. Aimed at large businesses that must comply with complex, changing requirements for their operation, including contractual and regulatory, Andinum consults for clients to understand operation and business requirements, identify digitalization opportunities, and develop custom solutions using natural language processing and artificial intelligence. 

Andinum’s document understanding technology enables clients to perform high-value functions like information extraction, text classification, knowledge graph construction, similarity matching, question answering and summarization. These functionalities are leveraged to build custom solutions to optimize their business processes,” said Nelson Correa, Founder and CEO of Andinum.

There is a large need for digital transformation, including customer service and compliance automation in telecom, finance and other industries,” said Antonio Antonio Correa, co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Andinum. “With its unique expertise and knowledge of industry verticals, Andinum is well poised to deliver fast and high-quality services to clients.”

Andinum’s technology is based on fast evolving open source software tools for neuro-symbolic text analysis, combining symbolic and deep learning methods for a deep probabilistic understanding of documents. Its datasets and textual resources include regulatory frameworks for telecommunications, finance, technology, and intellectual property, and are updated regularly as changes to relevant laws and regulations emerge.

For additional information, please contact Andinum at contact@andinum.com, or visit us at www.andinum.com.