01/07/2022, West Palm Beach – Andinum is implementing regulatory and compliance technology and services for the Banking and Finance sector. 

This includes identification of federal laws, rules and regulations from U.S. regulatory agencies (including the OCC, Federal Reserve, SEC, FINRA, FDIC and CFPB) and certain international regulators (Swiss FINMA, BIS and BCBS; UK FCA and PRA) with supervisory authority over the sector, and the creation of relevant datasets and data representations for corresponding regulations, policies, processes, standards and best practices. This is done with Andinum’s artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing (AI/ML/NLP) document analysis tools.

One World Trace Center, New York City

“Banking and Finance is a sector with complex, changing regulation from multiple regulators, for different sector products, in different geographies. With Andinum’s AI-based regulatory compliance solutions, organizations in the financial sector can address the challenges and streamline their business processes,” said Nelson Correa, Founder & CEO of Andinum.

Andinum develops digital transformation solutions using artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing technology.

For additional information, please contact Andinum at contact@andinum.com, or visit us at www.andinum.com.