06/09/2022, West Palm Beach – Nelson Correa, Founder & CEO of Andinum will be at INLG-2022, the 15th International Natural Language Generation Conference, 8-22 July 2022, in Waterville, Maine.

Natural Language Generation (NLG) is an important natural language processing technology for a variety of use cases, to make text and data more accessible in domain-specific and personalized ways. Those include textual report generation from structured data (i.e., data-to-text), document and document collection summarization (text-to-text), natural language dialogue agents and chatbots (concept-to-text).

Andinum is implementing several NLG features in its document management, digital transformation and regulatory technology. Those interested in meeting Nelson, please contact him on Twitter at @nelscorrea (DMs open), or in-person at the conference.

INLG 2022 Conference Program