03/07/2022, West Palm Beach – Andinum is expanding its regulatory and compliance technology and services to the Energy sector, including electric, renewables, oil and natural gas. 

This includes identification of the federal laws, rules and regulations from the relevant U.S. regulatory agencies (including DOE and FERC) and creation of relevant datasets of regulations, policies, processes and best practices of the energy sector. This is done with Andinum’s artificial intelligence and natural language processing solutions, including custom sector ontologies.

Energy is an essential, changing and heavily regulated sector spanning multiple geographies, with state, national and international levels. Andinum consulting provides each client with an actionable road map for their situation, complemented by a customizable suite of AI/ML operations, regulatory and compliance solutions to deliver maximum value,” said Nelson Correa, Founder & CEO of Andinum.

Andinum is committed to provide the consulting and digital transformation solutions needed by companies that recognize the opportunities and challenges of environmental and sustainability requirements, and the transition underway from fossil fuels (oil and coal), to clean (natural gas) and renewables (electric wind, solar, storage and electric vehicles),” said Antonio Correa, Vice President for Business Development at Andinum.

Andinum develops digital transformation solutions using artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing technology (AI/ML/NLP).

For additional information, please contact Andinum at contact@andinum.com, or visit us at www.andinum.com.